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Here's our story.

Real-Time Environments

We specialize in creating large real-time environment in Unreal Engine. Putting special focus on speed vs quality. These environment are perfect for anything from marketing videos/images all the way to video game environments.

Tutorial Courses

We have over 8 years of experience in creating tutorial courses. We mostly focus on creating courses that fall within the game industry, However we are also known for managing other artists and studios to cover a wide range of topics.

3D Materials

We specializes in the creation of procedural and photogrammetry based materials. Thanks to this we are able to create a wide range of 3D materials, Photogrammetry and other material related resources.


Even if we ourselves do not offer the service you are looking for. We have experience with managing multiple freelance artists to bring a project to completion. We also have a large list of go-to freelancers. Next to this we also have experience hiring new freelancers. Whatever it takes, we will get the job done!

Asset Creation

We have experienced prop artists on our team who have worked at AAA game studios like Ubisoft Entertainment and Playground Games. Thanks to this knowledge we are able to create your assets from start to finish. We do however only focus on realistic assets rather then stylized.

Budget Environments

Looking for a quick environment for your project but you do not have the budget to have everything made from scratch? We are able to purchase the assets and materials needed online and put it all together into an environment of your liking. giving you a full amazing looking environment at a low cost.

Who Are We?Some info about us

FastTrackStudio is an outsourcing company dedicated to providing high-quality artwork and teaching within the real-time rendering industry. We are mostly known for our tutorial courses under the brand name “FastTrackTutorials” However, next to this we also specialize in creating real-time environments, materials, models, and other resources.

We focus specifically on real-time environments that are often used within the marketing or video game industry. These can be environments created for backgrounds, trailers, or live demos. Next to this we also produce and publish high-end tutorial courses on various well-known websites. And finally we often also create resources for our clients. These can be resources like procedural materials, 3D Assets, or short videos.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries. Even if your specific needs are not listed above we will do our best to help you! We often are also happy to take on managing roles and use our network of artists to get the job done. Or, worst-case scenario we can always refer you to someone else.

Our ClientsThe amazing people we've worked with

TestimonialsDon't take our word for it


Emiel (owner of FastTrackStudio) is an excellent environment artist and teacher. He has a deep understanding of Game art and anyone watching his courses will always pick up a lot!”

Henning Sanden

CO-Owner & FlippedNormals.com


Very dependable, trustworthy, communicative, highly open to feedback, excellent at execution, and best of all has a great sense of humor. Perfect artist/studio to work with.

Corazon Bryant

Owner - Victory3D

Team Liquid

It was an absolute pleasure working with FastTrackStudio.
They are an amazingly skilled studio that can perform excellently under tight deadlines.
They are trustworthy and I really appreciated their pro-activeness, creative thinking, punctuality, and their ability to work with feedback.
I’d work with them again in a heartbeat.

Frank van Rooijen

Creative Director Apparel & Commerce Team Liquid

Micro Star International

Working with FastTrackStudio & Emiel has been one of my smoothest cooperation experiences with responsiveness and quality.
Emiel is able to come up with a concrete concept and complete the project very quickly.
It was really a pleasure working with Emiel and looking forward to the next coop with him soon.

Neil Wu

MSI Marketing Director, Laptop Division